Payroll - How to setup a tiered PTO schedule.

  • 25 October 2023
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In other systems we have setup a Tiered PTO schedule for time off. Which is directly run off of your hire date. Example:

0-4 years gets a total of 2.7692 Accrued Hrs per week (per pay period)

5-9 years gets a total of 3.5385 Accrued Hrs per week (per pay period)

10+ years gets a total of 4.3077 Accrued Hrs per week (per pay period)

So when Payroll is run it validates the years from your hire date - and then gives you the correct accrued vacation time per pay period. I cannot seem to find a way to set this up in Acumatica Payroll. Is this doable? Or does anybody know of a good way to set this up in any way shape or fashion to get this accomplished - preferably not just having the PR person verify employees tiers and manually update them as they cross into another tier. Thank you!



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@Tony Hi tony! You could possibly leverage creating different employee payroll classes for the different tiers.  there is an option to default paid time off:

when an employee reaches the next tier, you still have the ability to change the class ID on the payroll employee record or you could update the accrual percent on the existing record.

The PTO banks in acumatica have very little flexibility in our it works natively so creative solutions or customizations are your best bet! i hope this helps and good luck!

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Hi Tony - I know this is possible because we have a very similar set-up and the PTO accrual updates automatically based on anniversary date. However, I’ve been searching out system and am unable to locate how we set it up (it was before my time). Have you asked your reseller for assistance? Our PTO settings were most likely set up by our reseller. I’m sorry I couldn’t provide a real solution.

@jessicaASA i dont think there is a solution to this yet. We moved to Acumatica at the end of 2020 and still have issues with this. Currrently, the temporary work around is to set alerts on your calendar to change their annual accrual hours. I know within the employee’s payroll setting, you change add their anniversay dates and annual accrual by the years of service but this will be a mess when running your PTO  reports. :(

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@lxiong13 I’m sorry to hear you are using a temporary workaround. Our system works great. Staff accruals increase at the proper increments on their anniversary dates and we run PTO reports without issue. Have you contacted your reseller for assistance? Our reseller set our PTO system up and it runs without manual intervention on our part. Best of luck to you.

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Hi Tony,

Tiered PTO will be available with release 2024 R1 and you can have it based on a specific date for all employees or by the employee’s anniversary date. 


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