Using Width, Height, Depth dimension ranges for matrix items? - Best Practice

  • 3 November 2022
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We are currently using lotted stock items for managing items that are similar in nature (custom doors), but will have ranges of dimensions (height, width, depth), in addition to style, species, etc (attributes which have a finite range of options).


Looking at using matrix item functionality, and while I can see how this can be used for managing hundreds or potentially thousands of SKUs, not sure it will work with dimension ranges (i.e. door width can be anywhere from 5” through to 30” in increments of 1/8”).  When multiplying out the matrix, it becomes very large; looking to understand best practices for managing SKUs of this type.  Has anyone used matrix items (for handling attributes with a finite set of options) in combination with making them lotted to handle the very large number of dimensional range options possible?


Alternatively, is there any way to create SKUs dynamically on the fly for the range of dimensions supported (i.e. if door (style X, species Y, colour Z, width 18”, height 24”, depth 5/8”) is needed and doesn’t exist, bus event will automatically create the SKU at scale (ideally within a matrix template). (a given order can have tens to hundreds of doors).

Any suggestions on best practices, greatly appreciated.


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This seems like a good fit for the Acumatica Product Configurator solution - are you are manufacturing the doors?

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Taking a different approach. Have you considered this solution on GitHub which adds attributes to serial or lot numbers?


This may be another way to store the unique information, select it at order entry but still be able to use a standard item for the type of door it is. We use this at one of our lumber companies to define origin, species of lumber in stock.



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Thanks for the responses.  Will have a closer look at the serial/lot w attributes.


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