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  • 5 December 2023
  • 8 replies

Does anyone have any experience with scrapping a part number in a production while including the serial number?  i tried to move a production order with a scrap of 1 and qty of zero but it won’t let me put a serial number in the field.

8 replies

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A move is only allowing serial numbers to be assigned for the qty moved, rather than qty moved and qty scrapped.
While the SN does appear it is not able to be selected.  When selected the Lot/Serial Nbr. box clears itself immediately 
There is scrap function for pre-assignment


I do not see a way to increment the Scrapped Qty field. 

@angierowley75 any ideas on this one? 

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Can you provide a screen shot of the Lot/Serial Class for you production item, please?

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Here is what I was testing with, @andy99 please provide yours as well when you get a moment. 



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If you are assigning the serial # a time of receipt into inventory - then the scrap quantity would not have a serial # associated… right?

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I agree with you however I do want to add a couple of comments.  I think this could turn into an Acumatica Idea, let me know if you agree. 

  1. WIP handling specific to a pre-assigned lot/serial number.  In the case a pre-assigned lot/serial item has WIP cost associated with it (let’s say materials) how can we better accommodate the Cost of the Scrapped parent item. 
  1. On a completed Production Order how can we more accurately report line details to represent pre-assigned serial numbers which were not completed. 


So I use Serialized when received for 99% of my production and purchases of serial numbers.  I have a part that is serialized and i want to scrap the part to get it into the cost of the production order but also want to make sure the serial number associated with that part gets scrapped.  I do not backflush any of my serialized parts in production because we like to dictate the proper serial numbers as we don’t do everything sequentially.

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Hi @andy99 were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

Hi Chris, no still haven’t figured it out.  Currently if I need to, I just adjust the specific serial number out of stock.


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