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  • 19 May 2023
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Is there a setting to allow using the same lot number for an item for multiple production orders?  I have a client that tracks the lot number of the component.  They usually create several orders to consume the component, but can’t use the same lot number across multiple production orders.  


Best answer by Debbie Baldwin 23 May 2023, 23:15

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8 replies

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As long as the lot has quantity, when the component is assigned it is available for issuing.

How is the component Lot/Serial Class setup ?


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The component isn’t the issue.  The problem is that you can only use a lot number assigned to the parent once per production order.  The bill of material consumes a lot numbered purchased component and they need to maintain the lot integrity through to the parent.  They receive large shipments from the supplier, but process them in manufacturing in smaller lots.  They need to be able to release production orders in smaller quantities and assign the same lot number to the parent.

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I am not sure I follow - perhaps a simple example would help?

Perhaps pre-assigned lot/serial would help… you note the lot of the parent that will be produced when setting up the Production Order - and then as you report material to the production order you specify which components go to which parent.

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The problem is I have 2000 pieces of component 150-0150-01 with lot number 2023-03-3011.  This component is used in parent PS300-OB-EN.  The typical production build is 312.  I would like to create 7 different production orders for parent item PS300-OB-EN and use lot number 2023-03-3011  This is a regulatory requirement for lot traceability.  If I create a production order for 312 and assign lot number 2023-03-3011 to the parent, then I cannot create any new production orders and assign lot number 2023-03-3011.  Issuing the component is not the issue.  


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The current logic is to not allow any other process to use a lot created specifically for a Production Order.   The only work around I can see is to create the production order for the full quantity you need in the lot and then partially complete the production order.  Hopefully others will have other workaround ideas for you.

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@donna80 - is there a reason they need to “pre-assign” since it’s only one (1) Lot number per Production order? The reason why it’s stopping them is because it is pre-assigned. 

If they don’t pre-assign - there is nothing stopping them from producing the same Lot Number on multiple production orders. 

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@Debbie Baldwin  I am going to revisit with the client.  The initial intent was to reduce data entry errors during the move transaction.  But not being able to create smaller production orders is a bigger problem.


We are just now getting set up to use Acumatica and have run into this problem. Our entire business is based on this and we have legal compliance issues around tracking the lot being used. We do have to pre-assign the lot because the lot number has to be issued on the packaging. The consultants we are working with are trying to solve this problem. One option is to create sequential suffixes, so if the bulk lot is 2894, then the first production order using that bulk lot would be 2894-1, then 2894-2, etc. The problem is that you when you create the production order there is no way to see which number in the sequence you are on.


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