Need GI to see who is currently clocked in to any production order

  • 30 November 2022
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It looks like I should be able to do this with AMClockItem and AMClockTrans but has anyone done this?


We want to have a status screen for production that shows all production orders that currently have an employee clocked in and show the operation(s) that are clocked in as well as the elapsed time it has been clocked in.


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9 replies

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Hi @claytonsummers ,

I was interested in your question as I think this would be very useful for other as well! 

Based on my initial investigation of the data it looks like everything required is in the AMClockItem DAC.  To find the clocked in entries look for records in AMClockItem where the StartTime is not empty.  Disclaimer is that this I have not yet tested fully. 

The AMClockTran record is created when the employee clocks out.  

I’ve attached a simple GI that might serve as a starting point.

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I also created one. The client wanted to know who had clocked on but not off.  We also added it as a widget to a dashboard.  This is for 2022R2.


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Thanks for both of these.  I’m looking at them today and will post back if these get us what we need.

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OK, dgodsill97’s GI gets us the list of clocked on.  Thanks!

Now, for production management, I would like to add the clocked off from AMClockTran as well to have a list of all valid clock entries, both clocked on only and completed.

The goal is to have a side panel on the Production Order Maintenance screen that show all clock items and transactions for a given production order.

Thanks again for your help on this.

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@lauraj46, @dgodsill97 thank you for sharing these GI’s we were about to dive in and try to build, this is a must have GI for production labor management - especially if someone forgets to clock out after their shift!

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@lauraj46 @dgodsill97 I used to be able to just click on the attached xml file and it would download.

Now it opens to a web screen with all the code. Has anyone else ran into this and figured out a way to download it as an xml file?


Update: Incase anyone else had this issue, right click and “Save Link As”

It will automatically save it as an xml file. 

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Hi @nathantrauscht ,

It might depend on your browser.  In Chrome, you can right-click and choose “Save Link as...”

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Hi @claytonsummers  were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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We did find a solution but in a different direction.  Since we are not set up with the clock time tracking anyway, we are using the Move to do what we need.


When a person starts an operation, they create the move and save it but do not release it.  When the operation is completed, the person completing the op releases the Move.  The lets us track the operation start and end as well as who started it and who completed it.  So far this is doing what we need.


One gotcha, we ended up needing to update to 2022R2 to get the control point in the BOM.  Making all of the operations control points insures that each operation get released before the following operation can be released.


It’s not perfect, but is working so far.


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