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  • 11 October 2021
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I have done some significant testing of MRP. I am unable to find a way to honor a Max Qty of an item. MRP is only suggesting orders for safety stock up to the Reorder Point. I have two clients that would really like to be able to populate both a Reorder Point (min qty) and a Max Qty for their items. Once they drop below Reorder Point, they would like a suggested order up to the Max Qty. Otherwise, as soon as you issue or sell one unit, you are back below Reorder Point and MRP suggests another purchase of 1 unit. This will lead to many additional purchase or manufacturing cycles. Inventory Replenishment handles Reorder Point (min) and Max Qty as expected.

  • Is there anyway for MRP to honor a Max Quantity on its suggestions?
  • How are others handling this?

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Greg - MRP first looks at the setting of the default Vendor on the Stock item. Then if nothing is found, it will look at the Manufacturing settings on the item. 

If you look at the Detail Inquiry - it will show you the values that it is using to calculate the planned orders if you are not sure which one it is using. 


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Thank you @Debbie Baldwin and @Brendan Hennelly for the call!

Your answers shall get me a little further along!



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The way that the MRP calculates and looks at different fields is very convoluted, and unless you have submitted multiple tickets, it seems very difficult to easily explain what fields are required from the beginning to have it function properly on the first time.

It was explained to me to look at the item warehouse details, manufacturing max order quantity to get the MRP to order to MAX qty, not just the reorder point for Min/Max Qty Method.

It is also confusing if you are looking to use the fixed reorder qty, and you have to rely on the Transfer EOQ number, or Lot #, depending on if it is purchase or manufacturing.

One would think that the MRP would look at the replenishment settings for all fields, and not just 1 or 2 fields (safety stock/ reorder point). I think the overall instructions could be clarified on which fields need to be entered and how they tie together.

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Thank you for your additional information @jeremyd45 

When I worked with Acumatica, I think we also discovered that if you cleared the vendor information from the Stock Item tab, then MRP seemed to respect the manufacturing Max Qty. That doesn’t work for my client, because then you have no default vendor for your purchase items which is a bigger hassle than the min/max behavior.


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I agree with the requested as initially raised by Greg and am encountering this exact issue at a client.  Reorder Point is the point that should trigger re-ordering to the Max Qty as the default replenishment does.  Otherwise MRP is to noisy and keeps recommending to build small qty’s each time some are sold.  When the reorder point is hit it should trigger demand to re-stock to the max qty.


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