Is there an automated way to create purchase orders for multiple vendors? (Bypass Bidding of Requisitions?)

  • 21 January 2021
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Purchasing in Acumatica for us (as a Manufacturing company) is a very painful process since we have many item across multiple vendors and it is not clear based on the item which vendor is the correct one.

Purchasing Request and Requisitions looks perfect...except there is this very involved  bidding process that doesn’t seem like it can be skipped.

Ideally we’d like any of our employees to be able to make a request and add any Inventory Item that exists.  Then our purchaser could ‘Create Purchase Orders’ and the default Vendor for each item would be used to create however many Purchase Orders are needed for however many different Vendors are represented.

Again, the documentation sounds like Requisitions can do this!!! Does anyone know how to skip the bidding process?  We don’t have MRP and our Inventory control isn’t good enough yet to fully rely on it.

As it stands our Purchaser has to look up every item, check the vendor, then create a Purchase Order for that vendor..repeat.  That seems like the opposite of the Acumatica way.

I’m sure a lot of people have found solutions.  Would be super pleased if someone could share one of them here.



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Hi @Noah 

Using ‘Critical Materials’ (AM401000), one can create Purchase orders for Production components not in stock. Here is the documentation reference you can check :

Hoping to see any other workarounds used by other users. With regards to core requisition functionality is concerned, there is no option to skip bidding. There are a couple of requests posted on our Ideas page in this regard. Here are the links:


Hope this helps,


It sounds like you just need to take requisitions out of your process. That is not a required step and like Vkumar indicated, the out of box functionality for normal POs without requisitions sounds like what you want. 

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Thanks Vijay and Rob.

We are not currently useing requisitions, I have only been experimenting with it in a test environment because it looks so close to the functionality that we need.

The functionality we want is for any employee to mark or select items from our entire line of Inventory as ‘getting low’.  I’ve created an ‘Low Stock’ attribute and a Generic Inquiry to display only marked items (in testing).  Then we would like to tap into the functionality that requisitions and critical materials has to create multiple Purchase Orders based on the default vendor for each item.  

Making purchases from Critical Materials is close as well, but they are tied to a BOM and Production Order.  I suppose we could create a BOM with all of Inventory items, but still our purchaser would have to manually ‘Show all items’ then select them based on the ‘Low Stock’ Generic Inquiry.

Anyone know how we can use the methods of Critical Materials and Requisitions to do this?  I suppose it might be able to be done with Automation Schedules, Business Events, Import and Export Scenarios...but that is getting really complicated for a feature that feels so close.

The feature set is there, just not great for small companies like us that are still getting their Inventory tracking under control.


Thanks for the replies and any further suggestions!

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Have you looked at Prepare Replenishment?

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And you might take a look at EasyStock or NetStock.

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Dennis, I did stumble upon Prepare Replenishment after I posted this, and I think it’s the way we are going to explore for the time being.  EasyStock and NetStock look really nice, but there is no way the boss will go for another product expense.  They don’t understand why they’ve been shelling out a ton of money on Acumatica for almost a year and it doesn’t do everything for us automatically already :)….and to be honest, in some cases, especially when it was sold to us as doing so like in this situation, they are right.  


Thank you everyone for the replies!! If the Acumatica community was 3-10x the size and had that many more people like you all, work life would be so much better for a lot of us! I hope the higher ups are paying attention that this is where Acumatica growth is hiding!! 

not in sales webinars :yum:


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Thanks Dennis and Vijay! 

Have you looked at Prepare Replenishment?

Min max with replenishment or MRP should do the trick


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