Does Acumatica calculate and report the last actual cost?

  • 24 February 2021
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We use standard costing, but I would also like to know what the actual last cost of items are that we receive in. The last cost information under the Cost Statistics section of an item is the last standard cost. Is there somewhere else I can go to see what the items last actual cost is?


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For purchasing, the last cost is updated based on the payables preference under Price/Discount Settings, Vendor Price Update.  You can choose on AP Bill Release, PO Entry or None.

This info is found on the cost statistics, but also found on the Vendors tab of the item profile specific to that vendor.

If you are trying to understand the last cost entry from a manufacturing production order while I don’t believe that updates “Last Cost” you can always run the inquiry Transaction Details and it will show how your cost of an item is impacted every time a transaction is created, or by day  

If the Stock Item’s valuation method is Average the Mfg move process will update the last cost and average cost (by create an Inventory receipt batch).

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@gmercede thanks for the info above. Hoping you can add some more clarity for me.

Currently we are using standard cost valuation method. For purchasing we have set “AP Bill Release”. 

My stock item doesn’t have a standard cost defined.

If I receipt this particular stock in to inventory with a unit cost of $10, still I do not see anything in my cost statistics. Should not the last cost be updated to $10:00 in this scenario?

If not is there a way that we can get the last cost or pending cost set to last purchased price for inventory that uses “Standard cost” valuation method?



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