Completed Production order has unreleased clock/labor transaction

  • 18 January 2022
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We have a production order with the status of “completed” which we need to close.

When we attempt to close, it fails and tells us there is unreleased transactions.

When I attempt to release the offending labor transaction, it fails and say it can’t process because the production order is “completed”.

Seems like a catch 22 here.

I can’t close the production order because of the unreleased labor.

I can’t release the labor because the production order is completed.

There is no way to change the status of the production order to allow corrections.

Thanks for any guidance!


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3 replies

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@ltussing03 - is the transaction a valid transaction that needs posting? If not, are you able to delete it?

One other thing to check. If you have completed the production order and you are trying to complete more than what is specified on the Production order, you may have a parameter set that does not allow you to report over this quantity.

If this is not the case - It sounds like you should probably log a Support case if you are receiving this error. 

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Thank you so much for the reply!  Unfortunately we cannot delete the labor either.  I will open a support case for this.

Thanks again!

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Debbie,  Your advice was good.

On the production order type, we had 2 items set to “not allowed”.  After we allowed these we were able to release the labor, which allowed us to close the production order.

Move on completed order and Over completed orders were the 2 items we changed.


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