Changes to Configured Product On Sales Orders

  • 8 July 2021
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I am working with the product configurator and I’ve come across a situation:

1. Create a sales orders with a configurated item.

2. Configure the item, and push to production to get it on the schedule.

3. The configuration changes AFTER the SO is created but before production happens. 

4. Delete the production order since the BOM has changed.

What we are running into is that we cannot reconfigure the item on the SO, we have to completely delete the SO line and re-enter it to be able to do a new configuration. 

We are also finding if we configure, but don't push to production, and the configuration changes they cannot pick up the new configuration and reconfigure. 

Has anyone run into anything similar and are there creative process solutions around this?



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6 replies

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@KChristian82 this doesn’t sound correct. Can you please log a case?

Debbie - Kristin did log this under support ticket 193870.  Could you review that response and if it’s incorrect, reopen?  Thanks!

@Debbie Baldwin I just realized that I didn’t tag you in my response.

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The only solution I have found is to click CONFIGURE for that SO line, click “UNFINISH”, make your change and FINISH.  This works the same way at the Production Order Maintenance.

Hope that works for you.


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Yes you should be able to click UNFINISH from SO and finish it again however it doesn’t automatically update production order with the changes. I personally think it should not be automatic unless there is a process/warning to update production order with changes in SO configuration entry. 

You can however do workaround to go to production order that is linked to the SO, click Configure, click UNFINISH, then FINISH. That process will push the new changes made in SO into the production order. You probably can use Business Event to identify if there is difference between configuration in SO vs in Production Order in terms of features and options selected. Alternatively, use Configuration Key (so each time you finish configuration entry it generates config key) and make sure the changes made in configuration also change the configuration key.  

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I see you are using the product configurator.  Did you have success in adding the configuration data to your sales order and invoice forms/report?

Looking for help on this topic.


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