Import Scenario to add primary contact name not working

  • 25 March 2021
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This seems like it should be straight forward but I’m not seeing where the issue is.

I have a file with Vendor Code and a name.  I’m trying to update an existing vendor record to add the name to the General → Primary Contact → Name field.  The import scenario doesn’t report any issues but also isn’t updating the field - and no contact is added to the vendor. None of the vendors have a contact record at this point.

I can type a first and last name into the field on the screen with no issues.

Build 20.210.0044


Best answer by Naveen Boga 29 March 2021, 17:58

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5 replies

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Hi @djangodunn37 ,

I just created an import scenario for updating vendor information (Primary Contact → FirstName and LastName) and the details updated as expected. Please find the screenshot for reference.


Hope this helps!!





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Hi @Naveen B - thank you for your reply.  Is there a way to populate the ‘combined’ field that’s on the screen vs breaking up the first and last names in my import file?

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Hi, @djangodunn37 

In the Vendors screen, once you provide the First Name and Last Name fields and SAVE the Vendors screen it will show the combined value. 

Please find the screenshots for reference.

Before Save the Vendor


After SAVE the Vendor



Hope this helps!!

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Hi @Naveen B - thank you.  I guess my challenge was that I was updating that name field that already had existing values (just changing from lower case to upper case) so I figured I could update just the ‘name’ field vs. the separate fields.


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I have a file which has the first and last name in the same cell. Is there a way to have the import scenario automatically populate the first name in the first name field and last name in the last name in this scenario?


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