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  • 19 March 2021
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I found an article on importing purchase order receipts and set everything up as described, however I am getting an error message when running the import: Order Nbr not found.  If I manually perform with the same information, I do not get the error.  I am sure I am missing something, maybe someone can point me in the right direction?

I have confirmed that I can select a PO and PI Line, but enter the Lot/Serial number, exp and quantity manually for multiple lots for the same PO line.

Being able to do this would save us a lot of time.  We have a PO receipt coming in soon that will have 100+ lines on it.  

Thanks in advance!

Link to the article:


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8 replies

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Hi, @csmith37,

I have worked on this “Purchase Receipt” import scenario with LOT numbers, but unfortunately, this import scenario is working with a single POLine with LOT numbers, when it comes to multiple POLines it is NOT working.

Still, working on multiple POLines, if that works will keep you posted here. 




I have the same issue as csmith37

I get an error back that the order number does not exist

Anyone had any luck with this?

Following. I have a similar requirement. 

I got this to work using the augforums link but I had to make some adjustments. 


Import Purchase Receipts against Purchase Orders with Serialized Items:


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Is the above import valid for 2021R2? 

How to you enter highlighted lines?

Does anyone have a sample of working PO Receipt Import with serial numbers ?




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Good day - I am trying to run an import purchase orders scenario, but without lot tracking. I have followed your scenario but I am not getting it to work. Can you take a look and see what I am missing please?

Many thanks.


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Good day - any feedback please? I have the same issue dsimmerly. Does this work with 2021R2?

I see Details, not Document Details and there is no option for Allocations. I do not want to add Lot Tracking, otherwise scenario is the same. 

Please can someone help?


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Hi @BarbaraP - As this is a pretty old post, you might consider creating a new post with a link referencing this post. I could get more attention that way.


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