Adding ACH Addenda, getting the {=TotalCount:-8:0} to increment.

  • 24 March 2022
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We have setup the ACH payments. They work great. 

I found this helpful guide on adding Addenda information to the ACH Data Provider / Export. 

When I export the file, my bank flags errors regarding the count of entries and addendums. 

I have attached a copy of the modified ACH Schema from the data provider - “Example_ACH_Schema.txt”. See picture below.

In the File Control Record (or File Trailer Record) section of the ACH file you can see 3 parameters - “Count”, “BlockCount”, and “TotalCount”. The first two parameters are coming across correctly. The third parameter is not counting the added Addendum as a section. 


Has anyone else had a similar problem when adding an Addenda?

The modified ACH Schema with Entry / Addenda count highlighted
Example # 1 Bank requirements for {=TotalCount:-8:0}
Example # 2 Bank requirements for {=TotalCount:-8:0}


4 replies

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I’ve attached two pictures. 
ACH Example.png → this is an example ACH file I created. Notice the bottom row - the File Control Record. The first four fields are indicated with the black lines. Field 4 is the field I am struggling with. {=TotalCount:-8:0}. It seems to be counting the individual entries. {=TotalCount:-8:0} needs to increment for individual entries AND individual addenda. 

Requirements.PNG → this is the requirements for the first four fields in File Control Record sections.


I have tried various fixes in the Data Provider schema. For example, I changed the Addenda line in the schema to start with “04#” thinking the individual lines would increment {=TotalCount}. 


Is there any way to open the Logic of the provider to understand how it calculates {=TotalCount} ? 


I noticed in the default ACH export from Acumatica there are various function calls from the Provider object. For example: 

  • Provider.FormatBankRN( X, # ) 
  • Provider.FormatDate( date ) 
  • Provider.GetBatchNbr()
  • Provider.FormatAmount10( X )
  • Provider.FormatAmount12( X ) 
  • Provider.Coalesce( X, Y, # ) 
  • Provider.AddToHash( X, Y ) 
  • Provider.GetNextEntryNbr( X ) 
  • Provider.CacheValue(X, Y ) 


Is there any way to see the logic behind these functions? Is there any way to see how many functions one can call from the Integration Scenario’s? 

I found it very enlightening to open PX.Data and PX.Objects while doing some customization work a few months back. 

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Hi @paulgilfoy13 were you able to resolve your issue? Thank you!

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Hi @paulgilfoy13 were you able to figure this out? I’m coming across the same issue.

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were you able to get the total line count?





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