What is the Formula for % of a Total?

  • 24 October 2022
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I am new to this financial report designer.  We are still setting up the system. 

I can’t figure out why my report results show only zeroes, when I try to input a formula into a column set to show me each line item’s % of total income.  In the Row Set (below) row 0102 is my total Project Income.  I want to show Gross Margin as a % of income.  Eventually, I want to show each income line as a % of total income and each cogs line as a % of total COGS.

I am not sure if I have the row sets set up properly, but I do have a base row code which is total income.

So, I’m trying to use the “value” field in the column set to divide the row by the base row, but I keep getting an error.

What is the correct formula for the value field?  Is something else setup incorrectly in either set to make this work?





 Result if I try a validated, but apparently incorrect formula in the Value field on the Column Set:






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Hi there,

I just added % to my P&L report as per below:

In Column Set you need to add a new column using:

Type: Calc

Value: =T/Value(@BaseRowCode,'T')

@BaseRowCode reads from the Base Row column in the Row Set.

In your Row Set as I can see those Rows having ‘Base Row’ will be showing % out of Total Project Income.

So, it calculates the % based on the BaseRow value set in your Row Set.


The only issue with this is that it doesn’t calculate my Totals Percentage. Only the details percentage out of total.

For instance mine is not showing GP/Total Income, 

Hope it helps :)


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Assuming your calculations are based on column B and the denominator is in row 100, you can add a new column set and set its calculation as =B/B100

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Hello @bcheese ,

Here is an example of the same question on this forum, answered a few days ago.



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