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  • 31 March 2023
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Hi! We are in the process of setting up our Acumatica account and are stumped with payment processing.

We have some customers on 30-60 day terms, and our preference is that they pay at that time with ACH. Avoiding cc fees after floating the money for their company for a few months is ideal for our small biz. 

In QuickBooks, we can toggle payment preference of ACH or CC at either the customer OR the invoice level.

We talked to one provider today and they basically told us that we can’t separate payment preferences by Customer Class (we have one for day-to-day customers and another for those in terms). 

Is anyone aware of an Acumatica-friendly payment processing service that will allow us this kind of flexibility?





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I’m not sure I understand how your customers are being configured in Acumatica and when/where your problem occurs.  I will try to help and first I’ll ask questions in order to answer your question.

We can set a payment method default at the Customer Class level.   When customers are assigned to the class, the Payment Method defaults from the class and we can change the Payment Method for customers at the time of setting them up.  We can also change the Payment Method for a customer profile record at any time after setting them up.

When a customer has an order or invoice, we can change the Payment method on individual orders and invoices. When payment arrives, we can accept payment by a different method than was expected and recorded on the invoice or the sales order.

At what step, in what screen, are you are having trouble with the customer’s payment method?  Thank you.

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Hi Laura, 

Thanks for your response and offer to help. We are not live yet and have not been given access to our Acumatica software while our Partner is setting things up. My husband owns the company and had a call with EZ Biz Charge, who our partner recommended, but it seems that what we’ve always been able to do in QB is not something that company can (or is willing to) do.

Here are 3 scenarios in which we have people paying us: 

1 - Online customers can pay with a credit card. We incur the fee; they do not. This is not an issue.

2 - In-person customers who aren’t on Net 30 or Net 60 terms can pay at our storefront location with a credit card. We incur the fee; they do not. This is not an issue.

3 - We send a link to our customers on terms to pay one or more invoices in a single transaction through an online payment portal. With QB, we can set the preferred payment method at the invoice or the customer level for these online payments and only allow them to pay with ACH. There are 2 reasons for this. First, we don’t want to incur a cc fee since we’ve essentially just financed their company for 30-60 days. But more importantly, we don’t take credit cards on purchases of equipment because of warranty issues and customers having the ability, through AMEX for instance, to deny a charge up to a year later. 

EZ Biz Charge told us that if we send a link to pay, we CANNOT make a payment preference and have to offer both CC and ACH. They said this was due to PCI compliance but we’re stumped because we’ve been doing that for 5 years with QuickBooks with no problem whatsoever. This is our big issue since we have terms customers who regularly owe us in the 6 figure range, those credit card fees and the opportunity to deny charges are big problems for us.

Hopefully that helps explain our situation a little further. Taking payments is actually not my area of expertise or something I deal with regularly as I do the marketing for the company, but I’m tackling our ERP implementation so I’m trying to solve this problem and pick a payment processor that will mimic what we’ve been doing thus far. 


Thanks again! 

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Hi @nicolestanton were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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Hi @Chris Hackett - not quite. We ended up going with Paya and it appears that our only option to solve this problem would be to remove the CC pay option when we send a link to pay. We can’t toggle it off based on customers or particular sales and the general consensus is “per PCI compliance,” but we would do so with QuickBooks which is what confuses us. 


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