Specifying a Savings Account on an ACH (NACHA) Export

  • 2 November 2021
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The out of the box system does not let you specify any other type of account for a Vendor on an ACH (NACHA) export from AP. Follow these steps to fix:

  1. Go to Banking → Preferences → Payment Methods
    1. Select the Payment Method ID of the profile that you want to update, mine is ACH
    2. Click the “SETTINGS FOR USE IN AP” tab
    3. Click the + to add a new line
    4. ID Description Entry Mask Validation Exp
      5 Account Type (Chk=22, Sav=32) 00 ^\d{2,2}$


    5. Save


  1. Go to Integration → Profiles → Export Scenarios
    1. Select “Export AP Payment to ACH” or which ever one you use
    2. Click the + to add (3) new lines
    3. Field Values
    4. Source Object

      Field/Action Name

      Target Field/Value




      vendorPaymentSettings DetailValue CCD_TransactionCode
      vendorPaymentSettings =IIF([CCD_TransactionCode]=null,'22',[CCD_TransactionCode]) CCD_TransactionCode
    5. You will see warnings with the new lines, ignore them.
      1. The first line gets the values to the new Payment Methods line in the Vendor
      2. The second line maps the value to the CCD_TransactionCode field
      3. The third line looks for a value in the CCD_TransactionCode field and defaults the value to 22 (Checking) if none is found (this is here so that you don’t have to add a value to all Vendor records, only the ones that you want to be a different account type)
    6. Move all of the above the “Batch Summary” lines
    7. Save


All Done! You can process ACH payments like normal.

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