Shipping order to a company, but Invoice to the company-owned leasing company

Hi everybody,
our customer rents out heavy machinery and it regularly happens that he receives a sales order from a daughter company of a big client. Our client then creates the shipping order and ships out the item to the daughter company.

At the end of the billing period, our client has to create the invoice NOT for the daughter company, but to a specified leasing/financial company (also owned by the big client).

One way would be to just change the billing address, but that is not what our client wants (for various reasons).

Is there any possibility to do that in Acumatica without a customization?

Thank you for your help!


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It sounds similar to a parent-child account, but is the leasing company a parent account or a fellow child account? I think you could run consolidated billing for a child account against its parent, if you have parent-child accounts turned on.

Hi Daryl,
thanks for the quick reply? Any chance a video exists for the parent child consolidated billing?

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Unfortunately, not that I can find.

Hi @darylbowman ,
I only find consolidated balancing / matching payments, but not the possibility of consolidating sales orders of different child companies to one parent company...

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I may be out of my depth 😏

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Hi @manuelschulze were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

Yes, sort of...


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