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I am working on my first sales tax report and i can’t get the report the way I need it. We are on 2022R2 with fast track implementation.

We are setup to have zones that pay multiple rates.  Base MN 6.875 plus county of .25%.  On the report the tax amount due is correct, but the taxable amount is doubled up and broke into multiple groups..  I need to report the taxable amount for each group.  8k to state @6.87% and 8k@.25% to the counties. and the state website calculates the tax amount due (which it should match) 

I have tried multiple settings and groups, but can’t get the settings quite right.






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The reason Taxable Amount could be doubling is because the same Tax Reporting line (on the “Reporting Groups” Screen) could be associated to multiple Reporting Groups for the same Tax Agency.

Example :


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@jdresel @AmaanFazeer11 All Sales Tax reporting needs to be reported based on the Tax ID ,not the Tax Zone.  Why does the Acumatica report display based on Tax Zone?  I am not sure, but how did you get it to report on Tax Id?  Did you end up customizing the report, or did you configure the Report Settings differently?


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Sales Tax is difficult for me but I will try to help you.   I see lines 2 and 3 above both use Update With Taxable Amount and both show +output-Input. Have you tried changing line 3 for Purchases to show +Input-Output as line 4  “sales tax on po” does. (Usually the AP/PO side of Taxes has opposite settings from Sales.)

If that doesn’t work, please show the configuration for reporting group 2.

If my ideas don’t work, at least your question is boosted to the top where someone else may see it and help. 🙂

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Hello @jdresel 

Yes in this case, you will need to configure separate reporting lines to capture the Taxes, and this way there should not be duplicates being generated. 

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I think your Right.  The report is by tax zone, not individual taxes.  The tax zone is made up of two taxes, 6.875 and .25/.5 rates.  So the total is double because the group has 2 rates. 

I need a total for each tax, not each zone.


I tried playing with the input-ouput, but that made things negative numbers.



I think i need to modify the report?


Thanks for the help




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