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  • 9 December 2022
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The customer of our client pay bulk amount for multiple invoices. The customer also include list of invoices (in excel) that are paid and how much of each invoice paid. Some are overpaid, some match, some are underpaid. The client needs to be able to apply the overpayment to an invoice so that they can track which invoice that has been paid more than it should be. Is there a way to do that without creating one payment application per invoice?


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If you split a payment and apply part of it to one invoice, the extra amount paid is on the Payment record, but is not recorded to the invoice as an overpayment.

I’m not sure I have a complete answer for you, but I’m thinking about it. I wonder if you can use Write Off features to accomplish what you need. Maybe you can try this in your test tenant.

I selected a customer who is Construction and customers pay invoices by line. I am able to Over-pay a line of the invoice if I include a negative write-off amount.  I wonder if individual invoices will work the same, some having positive write-off and some negative (credit) write-off.

Before I saved this Payment, the Balance on line 1 was $22,538.75. Acumatica allowed me to overpay as long as I record the Credit Write-off.


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Thanks @laura01. The write off scenario however is best for small amount to write off or if indeed it is a balance that customer will not be able to pay. This is more about tracking overpaid invoice so that they can follow up with client why it is overpaid. 

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Yes, I do understand the standard use of credit and balance write-off is typically for small amounts that we are not asking our customers to pay or we are not refunding to our customer.

My aim was to help you find a way to record many over/under payments in one entry, resulting from one large customer payment against many individual invoices while recording the difference directly on each invoice. When we use small balance write off or small credit write-off, each invoice can have a reason code (why it was short- or over-paid), each over- under-pay can post difference to same GL account or many accounts based on reason codes.  Meanwhile the reasons for and amounts of over/under paid will appear on the invoices: write-offs are recorded to the applications tab of individual invoices.

It’s just one possible idea of how you might accomplish the feat without customizations.

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Laura, did you come up with a solution?


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