Non-Stock Item Qty Change on ARInvoice

  • 10 March 2023
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So for certain customers we use a non-stock charge item on the SO/Invoice. If this particular case the SO was create that had 10 units of stock item X, and a second line item for the non-stock item for Qty 10. We had to short ship the SO, so only shipped 9 units of stock item X. (As you know non-stock items do not populate on shipment)

When we prepare the invoice the stock item comes over correct @ 9 units, but the non-stock item still defaults to the SO qty of 10 and cannot be changed nor deleted. The only way I can see to fix with is to delete the shipment, change the SO qty. We would not want to do this because I want to see the original source of record, the SO and the qty, and what we shipped. I want to see that 10 were order but only 9 were shipped.

Is there a config change needed in the non-stock item setup? Seems implausible that I need to delete the shipment and change the SO, but wanted to get the opinions of the group before I did that. 


Thank you


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@byates You could update the non-stock item to ‘Require Shipment’. Then you would need to delete the invoice and shipment. You may also need to re-add the non-stock line on the order to make sure the new setting is reflected.

After making these changes, you should see both the stock and non-stock items on the shipment. You can update the quantity on both to 9. When you confirm the shipment and prepare the invoice, it will only pull the quantities from the shipment. Both lines on the SO should be backordered for the qty of 1.




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