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  • 20 November 2023
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I can see transactions in my cash account and have the total I expect in the TB, but when I go to reconcile the same cash account I see transactions that I don’t see in the cash account detail and don’t see transactions that I do see in the cash account detail. When I run the reconciliation statement report, the transactions I’m missing show in the uncleared sections. But when I go to continue reconciling I can’t find them. Not a date issue, I’ve cleared all date filters and checked posting and cleared dates. 

I’ve trashed and restarted this recon a few times, thinking it might be a fluke. Same issue. We’re also on an older version of Acumatica, 2021 I think, with plans to update soon. Could that be causing this issue? 

9 replies

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Is it possible there is more than one page of transactions on the Reconciliation Statement screen?  Look for the Paging buttons in the lower right corner.




@Laura02 Unfortunately that’s not it, there are multiple pages but I’ve gone through them all and filtered and spliced every which way trying to find these. 

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Sometimes if the GL was migrated before the Cash Account was configured in Banking module, we need to run Banking → Recalculate Account Balances for the bank account in question.

Recalculate Account Balances will “Scoop Up” early transactions and link them to a bank account that was added after the GL Transactions were migrated.



Interesting, I wasn’t sure what that module did. Just tried to run it and still having the same issue. 

If it helps, I see the amount in the reconciliation, but it shows as AP Credit instead of an AR debit as I would expect it. There is no detail behind the wrong entry, I can’t find it or the reference code anywhere, and it doesn’t appear in any account detail or in the recon summary as an uncleared or cleared item. 

I have two entries like this. In the detailed reports, both show a debit amount and through the AR module. I go to recon, both are credits. Run a statement recon report, both show as unreconciled debits. 

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I think it will help if you can please capture and post a screen shot of the missing transaction in the GL, and then show us what you see in the bank Reconciliation Statement. Filter on the amounts or whatever you need, to reduce the data to only the ‘problem’ transactions.

Thank you.


What shows in the account detail 


What shows when I go to reconcile 


What shows on the recon statement report



When I click on the orig doc number in the second screen shot for the AP transaction, it pulls up a blank entry. The doc number does not exist in in the AP batch or AP checks or anywhere in our system that I can find. There’s no transaction for that amount in our cash account, I only see this when I go to reconcile. 

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It looks like the transactions shown above represent Customer Refunds.  Acumatica provides custom packages that help us void AR Payments and issue Payment back to the customers. Related posts are copied below.

Instructions from Acumatica:

Voiding a Payment in AR reduces our Cash Account.  Sending the customer a check also reduces our cash account.   You are not seeing duplication (your cash is not reduced twice), correct?  I think the Acumatica - provided customization from GitHub in the second post above explains why you see transactions “Cross Over” from AR to AP.


If you clear the AP Transactions, does the reconciliation balance to the bank?



What part shows that it’s a customer refund? That might have something to do with it, these are supposed to be ACH payments taken from customers, so they’re true AR that we collected on. I’m not the one posting these, but we do hundreds every month and these ones are the only issue I’ve run into. 

I don’t fully understand what you mean by clearing the ap transactions. I clicked on them to try and reconcile but it just took the recon balance further away from the bank balance (also what’s showing in the account’s ending balance). 

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Hi @KBeck were you able to find a solution? Thank you!


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