IN Receipt unit cost issue and how to fix?

  • 21 April 2021
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 I’ve met a case, to make it easier to understand, below are the simple example:

Item A has 2 UOMs, which is  1 Case = 50 lb, lb is the base uom and case is the sales and purchase uom.

We purchased ItemA  at $50 per case, however , at that time someone forgot to put the conversion rate on item, so the IN Receipt records the item was receipted at $50 per lb. Which is wrong, should be $1 per lb.

We paid vendor at $1 per lb (cost on bill) and sold to customer at $2 per lb, which are both correct.  

   However, as the internal profit analysis, this item shows highly negative profit, It shows every case we sold ($100), we are loosing (100-50*50) $2400, which is not true.    


 I already did IN Adjustment to correct the average cost of the item, from $50 to $1 per lb. The afterwards sales would get correct profit.      

However, we have already sold a lot of the items on a lot of invoices, and these invoices have been closed.      

We do not care too much on the profit analysis on single invoice, because we know it is not true. But we need help on:    

1, Will the above case influence on finacial statement, like P&L and balance sheet?    

2, If the answer is yes, how shall we fix it. Please advise.


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2 replies

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       Below are my findings:

 Actually, Acumatica is supposing to handle the case I mentioned correctly. 
Just unfortunately, the case I met is rare.


The IN cost is sourced from PO cost, And it would be corrected if the bill cost is different at the time of bill releasing.


But, my rare case:

1,  Branch A purchased and received the item. 
2,  Branch A transferred all the item to Branch B before releasing the bill.

3, so Branch B are received and sold the item at wrong cost, which is $50

4, after all goods transferred to branch B, the releasing of bill did not successfully update the unit cost , because the on hand qty in Branch A is 0.

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Hello, below are my conclusions:


1, If the cost issue item had NOT been transferred or Sold:

System will automatically adjust the unit cost at the time of bill releasing by generating a IN adjustment.
And credit “Inventory”, debit “PO accrual”, 
since “inventory” is credited, next sales will with correct “cost of good sold”.

And also the single invoice profit calculation is correct.

2,If the cost issue item had been transferred or Sold:

System can on longer adjust the unit cost successfully.

But the system will still credit “Inventory adjustment”, debit “PO accrual”

Since “Cost of good sold” and “Inventory adjustment” are both expense accounts.

so even next sales will move value from “Inventory” to “Cost of good sold”, but the “Cost of good sold” and “Inventory adjustment” would offset each other.


So the total P&L and Balance sheet are correct. Only single invoice profit calculation seems quite negative.



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