How to configure PST tax and GST tax in our US company for our BC customers/invoices?

  • 17 October 2022
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We are a US company and need to charge GST tax to our Canadian customers. We also have to charge PST tax in addition to the GST tax to our BC customers. I understand how to setup a tax zone to calculate both the GST & PST for specific customers, but how can I get these 2 taxes to print separately on the BC customer’s invoice?

I appreciate any help or direction you can provide.


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Hi Lynn,

We’re based in Calgary and have Acumatica customers all over Canada.  In order to print both tax totals on the invoice, we’ve added a subreport to our invoice templates that goes where the tax line normally is.  Depending on whether you are using line level or document level taxes, you can get your tax totals from different places, but generally, the sub report just has the ARTax (line level) OR ARTaxTran (doc level) table. 

Create a new report and add the ARTaxTran table to it.  There are no other tables required, so no relationships need to be added.

On the Parameters tab, get the RefNbr & TranType

On the Filters tab, filter so that ARTaxTran.RefNbr = your RefNbr and ARTaxTran.TranType = your doc type

Group your report by the TaxID

Then in either the group header or group footer, add 2 fields.  One for the Tax ID and one for Sum([ARTaxTran.CuryTaxAmt]).  Size your report so that it’s the same width as the section you want it to print on the invoice and hide the empty sections.

Back on the Main Report, add your subreport, set up your parameters to feed your RefNbr and DocType to the subreport.



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Thank you so much Megan. I will give this a try - I appreciate your help.

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I have a related question - we have setup up Tax zone that includes a Tax ID for the GST and a Tax ID for the BC PST.  But we have not been able to successfully setup the Tax Reporting where we can have two different Taxing Agencies for the Tax Zone.  The GST and BC PST are remitted to two different places. 

How did you setup your Tax Zone and your tax reporting?

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@joellen53 Are you using the Canadian Localization?  If you have the Canadian Localization you can just run the import scenarios and get all the reporting set up automatically.  Apparently the Canadian localization also has the lovely tax sub reports prepopulated in the invoice reports.  If not:

Your GST Tax should have the CRA/Receiver General as a Tax Agency (vendor marked as a tax agency with the appropriate settings on the Vendors form)

Your BC PST Tax should have the BC Ministry of Finance as a Tax Agency (Vendor marked as a tax agency with the appropriate settings on the Vendors form).

Each tax agency should have it’s own tax reporting.

Back when I set our tax reporting up, I followed the instructions that were in the VAT tax training course from Acumatica (back before the Canadian localization existed).  The reporting instructions start on page 17 of the current guide and it looks the same as what I did a few years ago.



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