How to apply a vendor credit adjustment to and vendor invoice

  • 8 March 2021
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Seems like a simple question, but I’m at a loss on this one. So AP debit adjustments can easily be applied to AP bills….

However I can not find a way to have a simple vendor credit adjustment applied to an invoice. There appears to be no similar process there credit adjustments can be applied to AP Bills. Can anyone assist?






Best answer by Gabriel Michaud 8 March 2021, 22:44

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Hi @bscott68,

A Vendor Credit Adjustment needs to be paid like a normal Bill - it represents amount owed to you by the Vendor. From the Credit Adj. document, you can click Actions->Pay Bill/Apply Adjustment:

You will be redirected to Checks and Payments with the Credit Adj. automatically selected in the payment details:

You can also manually add the Credit Adj. in the Documents to Apply section of the Checks and Payment screens when entering a payment. In this scenario, make sure to select the Document Type before opening the Reference Nbr. selector:


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Thank you Gabriel. Yea, I was hoping that there was a way to apply a vendor credit adjustment to an invoice. We have a customer, who because of the industry they are in, need to create a lot of vendor credit adjustments to make sure the vendor invoice in Acumatica exactly matches a monthly statement from the vendor. So there will be lots of credit adjustments.


The hope was that we don’t have them to show as individual lines (the credit adjustments) on the vendor check - since this might confuse the vendor. So it would have been preferable to have a method to apply the vendor credit adjustment to an invoice.


Thanks Gabriel,




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Hi Bob,

If I understand correctly, you’re actually looking to increase the total balance / open amount of an invoice, just like you can reduce it by applying a Vendor Debit Adjustment to an invoice?

I doubt this can be done, but I understand why you might want to do that...

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Thank you Gabriel!

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Hi Bob,

Acumatica utilizes debit adjustments to reduce the AP Bill amount due. Debit adjustment will reduce the invoice. Once the Debit Adjustment is released, then you can Apply to an invoice (bill).


Acumatica 2022 R1- 

One of our vendors has a rebate program that we use to pay for Supplier shows.  They asked us to issue them an invoice.  We did and they sent us a credit memo.  If I apply this credit memo as a debit adjustment on the AR side to close the invoice, can I then use the credit memo on the AP side to pay open bills with the vendor?  Is this the proper way to do this or is there another way?


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