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  • 8 August 2022
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When customers make payment in CASH, is there a process in acumatica where we can instantly record and print the receipt on the spot before it makes it to the bank account? 


Sometime receptionist receives the cash and when it comes to the accounting department, there is count mistake, or customer claims they paid different amounts.


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Maybe consider entering the cash in Receivables → Payments (leave unapplied if there is no invoice). Without releasing the cash, we can print AR Edit Detailed report as a form of receipt to the customer.


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Hi @sbhattarai 

Are they paying on an open invoice? What is the process the receptionist is using? 

If they are paying straight cash, you could do a Cash Sale in Acumatica and print the document. You could set up a business event that would require the system to print also right away. 


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We configure the cash payment method to go to an undeposited funds cash account. We then record the payment on the SO Invoice or SO and print the SO/invoice showing the payment. When cash payments are deposited, we create a deposit document which moves the money to the bank account. If you have Advanced SO Invoices enabled you can start at the SO Invoice without the need to create an SO and shipment.

@kbeatty21 ; Most of the time, it’s advance payment. S.Os generated afterwards. We are having issues placing process when payment is received in cash and turned into accounting. We turn opportunity to SO when certain % of payment is received. 

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Hi @sbhattarai 

You could look into business events:


One of the things this mentions is that you can:

  • Configure the system to monitor on a schedule whether a set of conditions has been met and perform the specified actions

You could require a receipt, or some form be printed before they can continue with processing. 

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ICAN Software Solutions provides a free customization to print cash receipts with workflow on the AR Payments screen.  You could extend that cash receipt report to other screens workflow.  Just reach out to our team at or via email at and we can send you the customization package.

I tried requesting the ICAN customization a few times and never got a response.


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Let me know your email and I will have our sales team send you the customization package.


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