Expense Claim Total NOT matching total of expense line items

  • 9 January 2024
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I have the expense claim below in the screenshot.  There is MAJOR issue here where I cannot figure out why the Expense Claim Total equals 1,043.86 but when I add up the line item totals it ONLY amounts to 929.56!  Why is there a 114.30 difference??  Note that 114.30 is exactly the same amount if you add line items of 24.30 and 90.00 together.  It looks like Acumatica is DOUBLING those two line items.  But why??





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3 replies

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Hello @NetAdmin42 ,

I notice there is a known issue that seems to match your situation.

In case you can’t access the Known Issue (not everyone can see every post), here is the information.

Issue description

On the Details tab of the Expense Claims (EP301000) form, if a user added both taxable and non-taxable lines, saved the claim, and subsequently modified the details of the claim (for example, added new lines, or changed the date or tax category), then the amount in the Claim Total box in the Summary area did not match the sum of the amounts in the Claim Amount column of the detail lines.


Update to one of the following builds of Acumatica ERP:

  • 2023 R1 Update 6 (23.106.0050) or later
  • 2022 R2 Update 15 (22.215.0056) or later
  • 2022 R1 Update 21 (22.121.0026) or later
  • 2021 R2 Update 24 (21.224.0015) or later


Contact your Acumatica support provider to receive the workaround instructions and any assistance with using them.


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@Laura02 Thank you for the iink.  I had not been able to look that up.

Question : Is there a way for me to correct this and/or any other Expense reports that may have this issue that are there now until I can have this version updated?  SQL script?  Any other method that I might use to correct it?

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I expect that there could be a script that Acumatica can provide to you and/or to your VAR when you open a support ticket.  The script is not included in the post.




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