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We are experiencing the following erorr, was wondering is someone would be able to help, ill exaplin the steps we did:

A PO was entered to the wrong item code, and we had to reverse the PO and the bill that was entered to it.

I sent a prepayment of 50% the PO on a check. Once we had to send the remaining balance, I went in to the PO to receive it, from there created an AP bill. once I created the bill the prepayment we had sent before, automatically applied to the bill leaving only the remaining balance for payment due.

When doing the return of the PO (to reverse it out and close out) I did a return on the PO receipt which created a return receipt.

Once a return is created on a PO receipt, it gives the option to create a debit adjustment. Debit adjustment was created.

I then went to void the check so that the prepayment can open back up and I can apply the debit adjustment to close out the bill.

I voided it but it stayed in balanced status and wouldn’t release giving error message “AP Error: Check 0022872 cannot be voided. The Prepayment 0213942 that is paid with this check has applications. To void the check, first reverse released applications and delete unreleased applications of the prepayment.”

I applied the debit adjustment to the bill partially, and applied the remaining balance to credit adjustment thinking if the bill was fully closed again the check would void. But the check wont release.

Anyway how to get this voided check released?


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Figured it out. i used the reverse application button under payments screen 

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Thank you for sharing your solution @ldancziger !


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