Difference in Qty on hand, Qty available and available for shipping for a stock item

  • 10 August 2023
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The QTY on hand shows 0, Available QTY is 5 and available for shipping read 0 also, what is might be the course of this difference


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Check your Availability Calculation Rules, this will determine how your calculation behaves.

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Agree with @ricoybanez if you still feel it is wrong then run the Recalculate Inventory (IN505000) and see if that fixes it

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Can someone explain the process on how to complete the recalculation of inventory 

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Hello, here is a nice graphic from Acumatica help on how Qty on Hand vs Qty Available vs Qty Available for Shipping is calculated. 


If you need to Recalculate Inventory use the (IN505000) after business hours as it can be process intensive. 

  1. Navigate to the Screen
  2. Select a Warehouse that Contains the Item(s) to Recalculate
  3. Limit by an Item Class or Inventory ID
  4. Select the Rows (Inventory Items) to Recalculate OR use Process All at the top of the page. 


You can also use the following settings on the Recalculate Inventory screen as needed. 

Rebuild Item History Since A check box that indicates (if selected) that the system builds the history of items based on the available open and released documents starting from a specified financial period.
Replan Back Orders A check box that indicates (if selected) that the system will update the plans for back orders if the available quantities of stock items have been detected during the recalculation. Applicable only to sales orders that do not require allocation.
Exclude Items Without Allotted Plan Types A check box that indicates (if selected) that items without any item plan are excluded from the recalculation of availability data.
For details on items plans, see Availability Calculation Rules: General Information.
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Hi @helpdesk37 

As @ricoybanez Check your Availability Calculation Rules, this will determine how your calculation behaves.

  • Available: The item’s available quantity  is based on the entire available quantity of the item in Acumatica ERP.
  • Available for Shipping: The item’s available quantity based on the quantity available for shipping in Acumatica ERP.
  • On Hand: The item’s available quantity is based on the on-hand quantity in all warehouses or only specific warehouses.

Recalculate Inventory :

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Hi there, I had a question to add onto this thread. Can anyone confirm that the quantity available for shipping is what syncs to shopify as quantity available? If that is correct how could I change this?

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Hi @mralyea ,

If you are syncing Product Availability, I believe the default setting is under the Inventory Settings Tab of the Shopify Store. Hope this helps.



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