Customer and Vendor Tax Zone assigned to the selling branch

  • 14 June 2022
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In Acumatica if no tax zone is specified for the customer location, the customer tax zone is the tax zone assigned to the selling branch.

You can override the default value.

Is this same functionality available with Vendors? In my research I find that the Vendor location specify the tax Zone.  The Tax Zone will be incorrect if you do not specify the Location and use a global Vendor across multiple companies.

Retha van Alphen

5 replies

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Hi @retha50 

You can add the Tax Zone under Purchase Settings:


Hi @kbeatty21 

Thank you for the response. 

Yes i am aware of the Tax Settings for the Vendor. We do want to implement a Global Vendor then the Tax Zone will be different if you apply a Vendor bill dependant on what branch you are logged in on. 

The customer tax zone is the tax zone assigned to the selling branch, this provide flexibility to use the Customer as a Global customers, I am looking for the same functionality on Vendor side.

Thank you



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Hi @retha50 - were you able to find a solution for your issue? Thank you!

Hallo @Chris Hackett  We Implemented Global Customers and created Vendor per Company. The Global Vendor will require Vendor Locations to be active and the location will specify the VAT Zone. This is risky if the location is not specified. I have investigated the option for Parent-Child relationship 

  1. Global Vendors:
    1.    Acumatica has a Vendor Relations feature that enables the parent-child relations between vendors, i.e. Enable features: Vendor Relations
    2.    On the Vendors screen for vendor, on the Payment tab I specified the Pay-To Vendor = Parent Vendor
    a.    Example Vendor 1 is the parent of Vendor 2
    3.    When you create a Purchase order for Child (Vendor 2) on the Vendor Info tab, the Pay-To Vendor will be  automatically populated with Parent vendor (Vendor 1)
    4.    When you Receive the goods and create the Supplier invoice this create the Invoice for the Parent Vendor – Note the Purchase order was done on the Child Vendor Account
    5.    NOTE: The Parent Vendor will not be populated when you create a Vendor invoice – this is only automated when you create the Vendor invoice from the Purchase Order or Receive the goods  

Do you have a similar scenario? 

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Hi @retha50 - I would need one of our product experts to answer your question.


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