Change the account type of a GL Account from the database

  • 21 June 2022
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Is there anyway of changing the account type of a GL Account from the database. I understand its not possible from Acumatica’s Chart of Account screen so I think a script is the most possible options but I am not sure which tables store the account type.


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I have changed the account type in GL Chart of Accounts as follows:

  1. Set up a new account of the desired/target type
  2. Use GL Reclassify feature to move all historical transactions from the old account with incorrect type, to the new account with correct type.
  3. Change number of ‘bad’ account to something different.
  4. Change the number of the new ‘good’ account created in step 1 to use the desired account number. Now your old account number is of the correct type.
  5. Inactivate the ‘bad’ account.

Good luck!

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I have tried this option but I get this when I try to Reclassify all


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Not all transactions can be reclassified, sometimes.  If there is an ending balance in the account and the transactions making up the balance cannot be reclassified, then you can use a journal transaction entry to move your ending balance from the ‘old’ account to the new one.

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Hi @ViweM 

You can not change this even on the database. Once there are transaction you have to create a new account and do a Journal Entry. 

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Thanks @kbeatty21  I will do just that. @laura01 I appreciate you advice. 

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@ViweM  This is now possible in 2023 R1!

See page 91 of this document

AcumaticaERP_2023R1_Beta_ReleaseNotes_full.pdf (


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Good catch Freeman.  I just watched the video on the 2023R1 changes today and was happy to see that.  


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