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  • 13 March 2023
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Wondering if I could get some help generating ARM reports with the account and subaccount info expanded.  I have my ARM reports built utilizing account classes as the data sources so I don’t have to manually add every account number onto the reports when we create new accounts.  This has worked well until now when I need to get subaccount details under each account. When I expand data as SUB it does not break it down by account but just give me a total for each subaccount within that account class.  I think I could make this happen by manually adding a line on my row set for every account and a line for  subaccounts under that but I’m hoping there is an easier way that also wouldn’t require as much maintenance in future if we add accounts etc.


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7 replies

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Hi @Joeldk96 have you tried expanding on the data source on your row sets?:


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Hi @Joeldk96 

Along with what @estebanperalta54  suggested, what is the data source settings for the report definitions?


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Hi @estebanperalta54 yes but I would like each account listed with the corresponding sub accounts listed immediately below it.  Would be nice if there was an option there that was “Account & SUB”. 

Here is what I have currently. Row 0150 and 0300 are set to expand to Account. Line 0151 and 0301 are set to expand to SUB.  The problem with doing it this way is that you end up with all of the subaccounts lumped below the accounts and not split into the respective accounts they are supposed to be in.

As shown below an example is wages and Salary.  This subaccount is actually a subaccount of 3 different accounts on this part of the P&L.  I would like to see those amounts under each account.


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@kandybeatty49 Below are the default data source settings.


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Hello @Joeldk96 ,

We can expand Data Source by Account or by Subaccount, not both.  You are exactly correct when  you state: “ I think I could make this happen by manually adding a line on my row set for every account and a line for  subaccounts under that... “

How many subaccounts do you have?  If it’s only a few then Accounts down the page with Subaccount filters on each column in your P & L, totally in the last column might work.

Otherwise consider Velixo; Velixo is an add-on that may be able to achieve your need to expand accounts by subaccount without ongoing maintenance. 

In my experience, ARM meets the financial reporting needs of perhaps 90% of clients and the rest enjoy Velixo.

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@Laura02 We have around 70 sub accounts total.  Could you explain that option of using subaccount filters on columns further? Or is that to many subaccounts for that to work?

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Hello @Joeldk96 ,

Suppose we have a company with figures in different subaccounts:

The Column Set could have just subaccount CON000 or could use a range of subaccounts like this:

The resulting report shows the subaccount figures across the page.

I don’t know how many columns are too many… they will likely all fit in Excel but not on paper. 😄



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