1099-MISC and 1099-NEC updates for Tax Year 2021

  • 12 October 2021
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The upgraded 1099-NEC paper format report did not upgrade! 

@Doug Johnson - There is something wrong with the 1099-NEC paper report for Acumatica version 2021R1- 21.117.0037.   Our current report did not upgraded and does NOT match the IRS updated template.  We are not sure how to proceed. Is anyone else having issues with the version of Acumatica. 

We just updated to the most recent Acumatica build. Can anyone tell me where we can get the 1099 forms to upload? We previously had customized the ones provided?

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Using Acumatica for 4 weeks, need to print 1099NEC.  Not lining up on form.  What do I need to do?

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Opened a ticket yesterday because client was on 21.205.063 and still showing 2 per page.  They updated to 21.206.0024 and still only 2 per page.  What am I missing?  I asked for either the hot fix or the current build whichever one was needed for the report to be correct.  Anyone else on 21R2 and having issues?  

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That was it thank you!! I didn’t make mods for them so I didn’t look there.  I noticed someone made changes on the 16th which would have been them without my knowledge. 

@Doug Johnson @cwomack98 

Hi there, I have a customer on version 21.203.0030, they are reporting that the 1099 forms are not aligning correctly on the preprinted forms.

I have checked and there are no customised reports.

Where do I get below Hotfix?  Or should it have been included in 21.203.0030?

  • 2021 R2 Update 3 Hotfix 1 (21.203.0030) and later

Thanks!  Sue.


cwomack98 How do I verify if we are on a build that has the fix?  The forms are printing 2 two a page.

Dgravius26 the most important part of this is the comment below. You need to know how to get to it as it is accessed by clicking on the box in the upper left corner of the document which is hard to remember when you only do this once a year.

making sure that the paperkind in Report Designer matches the paperkind in the browser printing window 

Browsers now seem to default to A4 as their page size which is an issue. Ultimately last year I could not make things work universally in my office, but did on my home office computer so I created the pdf and sent it to my staff to print like any other pdf. I am trying to use the form in Chrome with the setup they provided but alignment is an issue. Changes I made include using the page header section at 1.8cm, Form size of 9.3cm, put separations at 0cm, moved field data up to get rid of the space that was originally allotted for the header but only belongs at top of page. Changed to letter size. Had issue with printing only two on first page with the rest working fine. Changed to a page height of 32CM trying to trick the system to print three. In the end I left it with 2 on the first page to just be done with it. I wasted way too much time on this task. I am using Chrome and tried FireFox which was worse.


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