Simple business event not firing

  • 13 September 2023
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Hi All,


I have a very simple Business Event that I can’t get to trigger. Condition is for an appointment that changes to status of Completed. I made a copy of the Appointments primary list to use in the BE. Screenshot below. To test I open an Appointment, start it, then complete it so status is Completed. No history shows. Spent a while trying different things… Not sure if I’m missing something obvious?




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4 replies

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Hi @jhouser! For this issue I would make sure to include the Old Field Value as well, and make sure the Fields to Track is specified also.

Sometimes when the BE doesn’t trigger based off one field and a change it is recommended to include the LastModifiedDateTime field in Fields to Track so it will also be seeing it is updated.

Have you already added Fields to Track?

Also we have this article to help:


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Agree with @BenjaminCrisman advice the critical one i find is always make sure the Key fields of the tables on the GI are on the Results Grid otherwise it wont always trigger the business event

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Hey @jhouser

Please check the below things as well

1. Make sure the global admin (user ID = admin) has access to see the data on the GI

2. check if the GI has conditions, and ensure those fields that are conditions are included in fields to track

3. Make sure all tables on the GI have their Primary Keys added to results grid tab

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I was able to get this working, forgot to update. I changed Trigger Condition to Record Inserted and put my conditions on the GI instead. Thanks everyone for chiming in! :)


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