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  • 29 July 2020
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This new feature is great.  I created a video on it for those who haven’t seen it yet. 

  However because there can be so many records it would be great if a time date stamp was there as a header, or to help format it because it is hard to make sense of all these records.



8 replies

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Hi Gregg, I moved this post to Discussion Forums. 

Thanks for sharing this video, we internally already use 2020R2 and this is one of my favorite features :) 

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I like the idea of Showing date/time of when you visited.  Thanks!  Moved to product Ideas section.

Hello guys!

Can we also have Search area in similar style? categorized by the found items?

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Hello guys!

Can we also have Search area in similar style? categorized by the found items?

Good Idea, Will Investigate


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I liked this new feature in 2020R2 and as I started to play with this version here are my thoughts for enhancing this feature. 

I have circled them as 1,2 and 3 you can check the screenshot and then read these section as well …

  1. The recently visited section is a good start, however it’s missing few important features that would make life easier for understanding what’s shown as a history of events 
  2. Favorites - this section is confusing, as we already have favorite workspace where you tag all your favorite screens/links/bookmark, why would a user check a favorite of a recently viewed screens? It seems redundant information as you see the screen shot, instead it would be wise to show the orginial favorites we already have in this section or use the rest of space to show more information and controls 
  3. This section shows enhancements to recently viewed feature that greatly enhances how a user would use intuitively and informative 
    1. since all visited screens or pages are stored in the DAC, it would be nice to group them by “Last Hour, Last 24 hrs, Last week, Last Month” categorize them would make it easier to view/search
    2. Show date and time, this information is collected in the DAC as well
    3. Show how many times a user has visited the same link 
    4. I tested this via Mobile app and it didn’t register the pages/screen I visited for same user, this would be really cool to track across multiple devices, we are in the cloud remember … Sync all devices and show Desktop Vs Mobile 
    5. Clear All - It’s good to see repository of visited links, provide an option for user to clean or clear history, let them delete what they don’t like to see, i understand it shows/stores only 500 records per user  
    6. This can also serve as a mini-audit for IT team to see all latest screens accessed by users across entire organization 
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hi All, we have one site and one user where this function hangs and cycles…..anyone come across a way of “clearing” Recently viewed for one user or all users (if required)?

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@matthewjames83 Did you ever figure out how to clear the recently viewed or how to fix it when the recently viewed function hangs?

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Hi All,
Sorry for the late answer.
The issue with recently visited records hanging was solved in the following Acumatica versions: 2021R115, 2021R202.
The issue is caused by Import Scenarios DAC (SYMapping), the workaround for the previous version is to delete all records for visited SYMapping entities from VisitedRecord and FavoriteRecord tables.
The SQL script should look like this:

DELETE VisitedRecord
WHERE EntityType='PX.Api.SYMapping'

DELETE FavoriteRecord
WHERE EntityType='PX.Api.SYMapping'

Unfortunately,after the visit of the Import Scenarios screen the issue will reappear and the script has to be executed again.


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