open period report for companies in the same tenant

  • 29 February 2024
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Hi There,

We have many companies in the same tenant with different financial year ends. Just wondering if there’s a report to view the current opening period/close period for all the companies. Just wanted to double check if all the periods are closed across all the companies at month end. Thank you. 


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How did you go with this, epan? I’m looking for something similar as we also have 60 odd entities that I’d like to check for open modules for a given period.

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Please add your Idea in the Ideas section of this community.  I think it’s a great idea to have a GI screen or a report that shows by period - which companies are open/closed for each module, or by company - which periods are open/closed for each module.

When I de-activate Centralized Period Management feature, no related Inquiry or Report showing the period status across companies appears. I think the only way within Standard Acumatica is using Manage Financial Periods screen to cycle through the companies at the top.


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@Laura02 Thanks for chiming in, I had a play last night and found that a relatively simple Generic Inquiry (to the extent of my skill level) could be made using the single table with no joins: 


See below for my Results Grid, hope it helps you. 



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