Linking 2 Sales Orders To 1 Purchase Order No Longer Exists...Why?

  • 26 May 2022
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Why has the ability to link 2 separate sales orders to 1 single purchase order been removed?

We have many vendors that have a free shipping dollar amount threshold. We have many customers that send in multiple purchase orders throughout the day for the same product line.  Sometimes 2, 3, or even 4 separate orders.  We used to be able to take all the customer’s purchase orders, create sales orders, and link their sales orders to a single purchase order, place the order with the vendor and get free shipping for our customers.  We no longer can do this without making a workaround.

The workaround is as follows and it is truly ludicrous to have to do:
1. Create 3 separate sales orders for the customer’s purchase orders from the day​​​​​​​

  1. Put all the sales order line items onto 1 purchase order.
  2. Send the purchase order over to the vendor.
  3. “Break” apart the purchase order into 3 separate purchase order internally
  4. Re-link those new purchase orders to the separate purchase order
  5. HOPE that you can remember which PO matches which SO when the vendor’s invoices come in with the “wrong” PO since it was all on 1 original PO.

It’s just absolutely awful.

We need this functionality back.



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5 replies

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We’ve been discussing this issue with our integrator partners, and unfortunately, this just seems like something that we have to live with. A 1-to-1 link between Sales Order and Purchase Order appears to be a design decision that trying to customize out would not only be difficult and expensive but also pose problems for every future update. 

I understand the rationale behind implementing this change; however, in practice, there are use cases that were overlooked and it has a negative impact on companies like mine where we often link multiple sales orders to a single purchase order.

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I wonder if you could create a PO Version in report designer that groups by Vendor Ref (or a custom field) instead of PO Number.  So have 2+ POs in Acumatica, but when you print/email the PO for the vendor it groups them together into a single PO.

Still make receiving more complicated, but maybe at least help with communication with your vendor and save a couple steps.  

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Is there any possibility of bringing back the ability to link 2 or more sales orders into 1 purchase order?  This is still causing major headaches within our companies.

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Which version was this functionality removed?

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I came across this post and based on how understand the issue it appears that functionality is working in 2023R1.  In the example below, I created a Purchase Order for a circuit board.  I then went into Sales Order entry and created two Sales Orders for two different customers.  For one of the customers I added the circuit board twice.  I then proceeded to link each Sales Order line to the one Purchase Order.  As you can see from my screen shot below all sales order lines are able to be linked to the one Purchase Order.



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