Is it possbile to log the modifications only when a specific field is changed?

  • 22 March 2022
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 It looks like even “Audit history” can not meet my need.
We have a need to log who changed POline’s qty and cost after the creation.

To avoid the database grow rapidly, I just enable to log the below 3 fileds


However, the system keeps logging every time the poline is changed, by other fields, like open qty, qty on receipt...


Is it possbile to log only when specific fields be changed. Like unit cost. 


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3 replies

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Hi @ray20! I see this was posted several months ago, but for this issue did you find if there was anything different with the fields or is the issue still occurring?

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@BenjaminCrisman ,
Hello, Thank you for asking. According to your reply, it looks like the audit trail function should log only when the monitored fields be changed, right? In my case, that is only “Inventory ID, Unit cost, Order qty”, right?
If the support team agrees so. I would pay special attention to when next time we start to monitor.
We are not upgrading to the most recent version, we are still staying on 2021R2, so  please do not spend too much time on researching. It is not a strong need for us.
We are planning to upgrade to 2022R2 when it gets to a stable version. If I can check the issue again after upgrading, I will let you know. Thank you.

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@ray20 @BenjaminCrisman 

I see this is an old post. As a workaround why don’t you write a small customization on POLine event handler to compare Old and New value of the field(s) you want to monitor and insert a log for change when happens?


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