Expense Claim Error on Release Error: An error occurred during processing of the field Currency value GBP Error: 'Currency' cannot be found in the system.

  • 8 November 2023
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Good, I have one claim for one employee only.  All his other claims were released.  

The error message is Error: An error occurred during processing of the field Currency value GBP   Error: 'Currency' cannot be found in the system. 


GBP is the employee currency and it is used throughout the system.

I try a number of things on the employee profile.  

Any suggestions.

@Evan G 




5 replies

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Good morning @EvanG ,

I notice the tenant is UK, GBP currency and the employee is denominated EUR. 

I notice both GBP and EUR are active currencies in the UK tenant and historical exchange rates exist prior to the date of the expense claim.  10/13 is the only date that I see on the expense claim.


Date of Expense Claim is 10/13.

Currency rates DO exist for the time-frame in question, from GBP to EUR and from EUR to GBP

Currency Rate History report


Both EUR and GBP currencies are active in the tenant, and the error occurs releasing the expense sheet when I remove currency denomination from the Employee profile. I compared the current expense sheet and claim with a prior released claim and I can’t see any obvious difference.

Does anyone else on Acumatica Community have ideas? 

If not, I think the next step is to temporarily disable customizations, to rule them out, then open a ticket with Acumatica. I’d like to coordinate a time with  your team and will contact you separately.



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@Laura02 and @EvanG 

Is it possible that the employee’s AP account has a currency denomination that doesn’t match the claim?  I’ve seen this error in the past that results in expense claims that won’t release.

On the Employee record, since they are denominated in EUR, but are claiming in GBP, do they have the “Enable Currency Override” option selected on the Employee record?


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Thank you, Megan! 

The AP Account on the Financial Settings of the employee in question is not denominated, blank Currency.

Yes, Enable Currency Override and Enable Rate Override are both selected ON, in the Employee Profile.

I compared side by side, last month’s Expense claim for the same employee and visually, I can’t discern the difference. Both last month and this month’s expense claims are entered in GBP - the line and the document header both reflect GBP.



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I’m out of ideas then… good luck :)

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Hi @EvanG were you able to find a solution? Thank you!


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