ERROR: Inter-Branch Transactions feature is disabled.

  • 10 May 2022
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Hello, I am new to Acumatica and trying to figure this all out. We created a new Company, Branches, ledgers, etc and from that we created our Customer and Lease. We are trying to post a payment, but we are getting this error message:

Inter-Branch Transactions feature is disabled.

What does this mean? Thank you.



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Hi @anthony92 

Ensure that on the Enable/Disable features the Inter-Branch Transactions is enabled.


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Thank you, but I don’t have that option with the version that I have. I just checked. I am so new to Acumatica and I don’t even know why I don’t have that. but I did search for Enable/Disable, got the menu, but Inter-Branch Transations is not there as a toggle.

So I think I figured out what happened, but I cannot fix it.

We created a new lease, but never activated it. Then we created a invoice for that lease. When you click on the invoice in Invoice and Memos, This is what we get for one of the tabs:

Project/Contract: X - Non-Project Code.

It should say:

Project/Contract: LS00287 - Commercial Lease

I cannot reverse these charges / write them off or do anything. I can't edit  X - Non-Project Code.



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 @anthony92  Without access to your system, I cannot be sure … but most likely you created multiple companies/branches that require balancing. This means that each branch has their own set of financial reports.

When you entered your payment, somehow it related to 2 different branches/companies … for example … company/branch 1 created the lease invoice and the payment was entered into company/branch 2. When you try to release/post the payment the system tries to:

  • Create a transaction to debit cash (asset) in company 2
  • Credit AR (asset) in company 1.

When the system tries to release/post this, it has a problem because the books of both companies would be out of balance. The system needs to be setup to automatically create due-to/due-from transactions using the inter-branch transaction feature. (old video here:

Financial Tab shows Company that entered the payment


Invoice belonged to a different branch (and error)

When I turned on the feature that kbeatty showed above, the transaction was successful. 

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Hi @anthony92 

Reason for the option ‘Inter branch transaction’ not available on ‘Enable/Disable’ feature list is due to the license not including that option. You can clarify this further with your Partner account manager.

To create a payment, check the branch/ company the original invoice is linked to (Financial tab of the invoice reflects the branch/company).

Use a cash account linked to above branch/company to create a payment. Since the branch/company on original document and payment would be same, the error should not come up. 


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Hi @vkumar, thank you for your reply. The Branch in the original invoice is empty. Attached is a screenshot.  I can’t reverse this invoice, I can’t delete it, I can pay it off, I can’t even write it off!! As mentioned earlier, I think this happened when we created a new tenant and missed activating it.



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@Doug Johnson Thank you. It sounds like I have to get that feature enabled, but first part of my license.

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I have been able to resolve my issue by creating new Credit Memos, but with the cash account assisned and no lease. From there I keyed off my invoice and memo with this credit memo.

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I am having the same problem with a client except its in AP.  An AP bill was paid with the wrong cash account. I can't seem to get rid of it. I want to be able to release it and void it. The client has the small business version and you can't enable interbranch transactions.  Help, please. 


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