"Error: An error occurred during processing of the field Unit / Space: Error: The record has been deleted"

  • 27 December 2023
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Good afternoon consultant,

I would like to know if you can help me with the following query:

In Property Management, in the Units option, one of the units was deleted by mistake and when trying to create it again, Acumatica gives the following error "Error: An error occurred during processing of the field Unit / Space: Error: The record has been deleted ."

My question is: how can I locate within Acumatica if this Unit has any associated transaction that prevents its creation or what is causing this error?

Thank you very much in advance for your response.


Best answer by Robert Sternberg 29 December 2023, 03:40

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5 replies

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Could you share some screenshots, we might be able to solve this with a Generic Inquiry.  

Thank you

Good evening, the error that Acumatica tells me is when I want to create a Unit.

I attach the image with the indicated error.

Thank you very much for any help or guidance you can give me.


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Hello @vgonzalez unfortunately I am limited on my testing ability as the property management module is powered by Sprinterra and I do not have testing access.  

With that being said it sounds like the table could have a DeletedDatabaseRecord flag that prevents it’s recreation. This is just a guess, your Acumatica partner will know more. 


If you want to continue down this path you can use the Customization>Inspect Element function followed by viewing the DAC associated with the Unit entity.  Check for a DeletedDatabaseRecord flag.  Check the raw source data for the 214 unit to check if it exists as a Deleted Record.  


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I agree with Robert: sometimes deleted records are marked for deletion in the database but still exist and are still using the key field Unit ID.

Have you considered adding the Unit back with a new Unit # like U214 instead of 214?


Happy New Year 2024!
Thaks so much for the orientation @Robert Sternberg y @Laura02.


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