Employee Time Card Approval - permissions to allow approver to edit timecard

  • 14 November 2023
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What is the best way to handle delegation of permissions for time card approvers so that an approver can modify the timecard entries, such as change the billable time or change the assigned cost code?

I have the approval map setup and it’s assigning to the user correctly. However all they can do is put it on hold then resubmit it. Seems odd that when they put it on hold, that removes the pending approval status as well. So if they happen to put on hold, not make changes at that time, and go back into Acumatica, they’ll no longer see that time card under their Approvals.

  1. is there a couple specific permissions I can tweak so that they can just modify the time + cost code then resubmit?
  2. Is that the proper sequence to modify? Put on hold, change, submit, then approve?

We do have company tree’s setup so that User A can enter time for User B, C, D. But the approver is not in that tree.


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@brandontfrank That can be an option to investigate further. Also I am not really sure how your company tree is structured. If you are willing to give Approvers a litle bit more flexibility of accessing people times, then you might be able to add a node in “Company Tree” for your Approvers and assign them to this node and also add a sub-node to it and add the subordinates to lower node. This way each Approver can access all subordinate employees but still your Approval Map will prevent unauthorized apporove. You may want to investigate thi option a little bit further and give it some thoughts.

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@aaghaei you’re spot on that I cannot use the delegates functionality because people will be coming and going on that jobsite.

I have the approval routing working so that anyone that codes time towards their specific job gets routed to their approval. I guess my best route from there would be creating a custom role and trying to permit certain permissions to modify (when on hold) but revoke the ability to release?

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If you add the Approvers as a Delegate for the employees, they will be able to edit the Timecards.

If Approvers may only edit certain fields, their Roles will need to be modified to the field -level.

Yes, I think your steps are accurate: the Approver will need to change timecard status to Hold before editing, and after editing will need to resubmit and approve.

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Hi @brandontfrank, Re item 1, I might be wrong but what @Laura02 is suggesting will work only if a timecard is On Hold. When submitted the Approval Workflow kicks in setting the timecards in pending approval status and as a result makes eveything read-only. Also In construction usually time approvers are the Project Managers and employees switch construction sites time to time so I am unsure how practical it can be to use delegates even considering the limitation mentioned above.


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