ARTran vs SOLine unit cost

  • 13 February 2024
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I’ve been digging into the cost calculations for sales and have come across a discrepancy that I can’t figure out.

The unit cost in the ARTran table is different from the SOLine table.

Where are these 2 costs pulled from?



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@donnadeskins55   Can you please double-check that I think we don’t have a Cost field in the Invoices screen? Please share the GI screen if possible. 

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Hi @Naveen Boga, I started this investigation because I have 2 customers who want the cost added to the Invoices & Memos list screen. There is no header-level cost total like there is for the price/amount, so I figured I was going to have to link all the way back to the SO LIne to get the cost of the item. Then I was going to have to figure out how to total the line cost.

Then I stumbled across the Sales Profitability Analysis under Receivables and opened the underlying generic inquiry. It turns out there IS a cost field in the ARTran table (this is new?).

I compared the ARTran cost to the SOLine cost and they’re different.

Attached is the’s been through several iterations in this journey to get the cost for the invoice.


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Depending on the valuation method of your items, Sales Order line cost may be an estimate.

For example, a FIFO item could have several layers of receipts sitting inventory with different costs. When a Sales Order is entered, Acumatica estimates the cost.  The same item could be on several Sales Orders, and we don’t yet know which Sales Order might ship first, so we don’t know the precise cost of the item yet. When the Sales Order Invoice is Released, or when Update Inventory Cost is clicked, is when the system looks at remaining inventory cost layers and pulls the items out of inventory with a proper cost. 



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Thank you @Laura02, that’s exactly what I was looking for. I thought cost was locked in on the sales order regardless of valuation method.


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