AR aging not showing all of the invoice number

  • 2 February 2022
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We are new to Acumatica.  When we print the AR Aging report the invoice number is cut off, see attached.  We tried to modify it in report designer but it errors out and wont open.  Is there a way to extend the column that the invocie number is in?


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10 replies

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Yes @matthill  you can move just move the Branch and Customer Ref/Orig Ref field to the little bit right and verify. It may give you Red symbols on the report and feel like an error but that will work.

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Hi @Naveen B thank you for the feedback.  Every time I try to open the report I’m getting this error


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@matthill  Do you have any customizations on this report?

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no customizations that I know of

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Hi @matthill were you ever able to resolve your issue? Thank you!

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still having this issue

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Are you sure you’re running the Report Designer version released with your Acumatica version? Try searching for Tools and then look for Report Designer download.

I also had to customise this report so some column values don’t get truncated.

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Hello @matthill ,

I notice that you weren’t 100% sure whether the report is customized.

no customizations that I know of


To check for previous customizations and Inactivate them:


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@matthill This is an issue with the version of Report Designer being used. Belongs To is a filter condition which was added at one point and so you can’t open a report which contains this filter using the version of Report Designer installed for you locally:


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Thank you. I updated report designer and can now open the reports.


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