Approval Routing Has Stopped Working Suddenly, v2

  • 7 February 2024
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Hello everyone! We’ve encountered a similar issue to that found within Approval Routing Has Stopped Working Suddenly | Community ( BUT slightly different details that, I wonder, might lead to something else…



An approval map connected to Bills and Adjustments was accidently deleted by a user. The user attempted to begin the process of rebuilding the approval map when they reached out to me. I imported the approval map from a recent backup installed in our sandbox tenant, the approval map’s name is “Non PO Vendor Bill Approval”. So all should be good, right? no… it’s not working, not at all… the Bill goes from On Hold to Balanced without a noticeable blip.


Insights into the approval map “Non PO Vendor Bill Approval”...

there are several basic steps where the condition is a simple one liner checking for a specific vendor and then directing the approval to a specific employee…



I’ve tried several things…

  • Marked all the steps and rules as inactive and then activated one step and rule… no change
  • Marked all the steps and rules as inactive and created a very simple test approval map, no change
  • Removed the test approval map and marked all the steps and rules in “Non PO Vendor Bill Approval” as active and restarted the application, as found on screen SM203510 “Apply Updates”, no change

What’s even stranger is that other approval maps seem to be working, though I haven’t personally witnessed this myself but there are no other complaints.


Insights? Thoughts? Is there a log I can monitor that might give me some insights into what’s going on here?


Thanks for your time ;-)



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From my experience,  I remember the EXECUTE STEP condition of one of our client’s Approval Maps was inadvertently changed from ALWAYS to something else. Is each of your Steps not only Active, but set to Execute Always?


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@Laura02 Thank you for sharing. I’ll certainly will add this to my personal check list but, unfortunately, I can confirm that it has been set correctly...

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@Laura02 Seems it was a different “did you remember to plug in your computer?” moment… DOH!


Despite an Approval Map indicating the screen with which it will intact with it also needs to be explicitly identified within appropriate preference screen, in this case Accounts Payable Preferences.


This insight came courtesy of @Alex Oberlander, THANK YOU ALEX! ;-)



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Thank you for sharing your solution with the community @jmckinnon!


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