Where to find "YTD Sales vs Quota" and input Quota? Key Customer Growth?

  • 16 August 2021
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In the Sales Manager Dashboard there is a “YTD Sales vs Quota” box.  Where do we input "Quotas"?  And the YTD sales is blank.  Can someone direct me where to input the Quotas and how to get the YTD sales to show up?  


Also, the Key Customer Growth box is also blank.  Where do we input data or make selections so we can use this display?


Thank you for your help. 




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7 replies

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Hi @dougmcbride79,

Here’s what the YTD SALES VS QUOTA Widget looks like on the Sales Manager (DB000011) Dashboard in my SalesDemo environment (1st screenshot):


If I click on YTD SALES VS QUOTA in the screenshot above, it drills down to the underlying Generic Inquiry (2nd screenshot). If I edit that Generic Inquiry, I can see how the fields are being calculated on the RESULTS GRID tab of the Generic Inquiry (SM208000) screen (3rd screenshot):


As you can see from the math in the 3rd screenshot, the 6,000,000 in Annual Quota calculates as 4,000,000 in YTD Quota because I’m running this in August 2021 and, following the math in the 3rd screenshot, 6,000,000 * 8 / 12 = 4,000,000.


Where does the 6,000,000 come from? [CSAnswers.Value]. Where does [CSAnswers.Value] come from? It comes from an Attribute on the Employees (EP203000) screen. On that screen, there are two things to point out. First, the Employee gets linked to the Salesperson using the Salesperson field on the GENERAL INFO tab (4th screenshot). Second, the Sales Goal - Yearly Attribute on the ATTRIBUTES tab is where the 6,000,000 value is stored (5th screenshot):


Where does the YTD Sales value in the 1st screenshot come from? The underlying Generic Inquiry is getting the data from the DOCUMENT DETAILS tab on the Invoices and Memos (AR301000) screen where it’s totaling the Amount field for all Invoice Lines where the Salesperson ID field matches:


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Tim: Thank you.  In my case the dashboard widget is present, but the underlying fields are not present.  Could it be that the underlying logic / fields were never built or installed in my instance? Please see below.  



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Correct. Many people consider the Dashboards to be “out-of-the-box Dashboards”, but, in my opinion, they are “Demo Dashboards” which rely on the demo data such as an attribute in this case.

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Thank you

@TimRodman - we have multiple Salesperson ID’s for the same rep as they used to track different commission depending on where the customer came from. They don’t use this anymore. Is it possible to do the above but the Employee has multiple Salesperson ID’s? Or should we open a conversation about merging each rep into one Salesperson ID?

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Hi @astramathis30, it seems that the Employee can only be linked to one Salesperson using the standard field.


You could do a Customization to add Employee as a field on the Salesperson record if you want to be able to map multiple Salespeople records to one Employee record.

This made us do an overhaul of our SP ID’s so we’re in the process of combining all to one SP ID. Thanks!


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