Where is the "Location" field on a Purchase Request stored?

  • 15 January 2024
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I am struggling to find where the Location field on the Purchase Request is coming from.


These are the element properties:


And this is the field description from the help screen (not very helpful):


I can’t find a Location field on the employee, and there’s no setup for locations in the Request preferences.

I’m at a loss.


5 replies

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It will depend on your Request Class. If this is set to be Customer Request then once you pick your Customer as the Requester then the Location search will be against that customer locations.

If the Request Class is not customer then you will pick the Employee and i believe it will default to Main also as an Employee record is a BAccount in Acumatica and Main is always created as the location on a BAccount. I dont believe an employee record can have more than one address.

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Select first a Request Class on the “REQUEST CLASS FIELD”, it will automatically populate the 1. Requested By and 2. Location of the user.

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@dcomerford, thanks for reminding me that the Employee record is also a a Business Account. If the customer was using CRM and could access business accounts, I could probably add locations for the employee records.

Unfortunately, they aren’t. 

This customer is a nonprofit that manages many locations/homes for the disabled population. They have a group of employees that manage the purchasing for all the locations and would like for the person entering the request to be able to enter the location that they are requesting the items for.

They don’t want to use the department field because they are already using that for actual business departments.

We are exploring the use of warehouses (i.e. treating each of the locations as a warehouse). The items that are being ordered for the locations are nonstock: cleaning supplies, furniture, etc., so we don’t have to worry about inventory maintenance. That way, the warehouses can be set up with addresses to drive the delivery location for purchase orders.

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If you are looking for this information to pull the data to a GI this is stored on the RQRequest DAC, specifically Location ID.   RQRequest.LocationID which is a foreign key to CR.Location, the Location DAC. 


Hope this helps! 

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Hi @donnadeskins55 were you able to find a solution? Thank you!


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