What is the link field between ARInvoice and ARDunningLetter?

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I have queried both tables separately but can’t find anything that matches between the two.

Thanks for your help



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@nperez94naw i believe the link between the two would be the customer

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Hi @iqraharrison48 

Thank you so much for your suggestion, but that, does not seem to do the trick. 

You could have more than one dunning letter for a customer, therefore, that link will throw as many dunning letters there are in the system that customer, instead for that specific AR Invoice. 


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@nperez94naw sorry that didn’t help! what is the desired outcome you are looking for? i know there are a few reports that are in part of native acumatica that can give you details of the dunning letters by customer and invoice numbers. if you could provide more details, that would be great!


these are the two reports that i saw in my demo environment:


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Good afternoon,

     I did some digging and found that the AR Preference screen defines the dunning level for the customer class.  I also found that on the Dunning Tab of the AR Preferences Screen, you can select by Document and uncheck automatically release dunning letters.  When you do this an create the dunning letter, you will have the ability to delete specific AR invoices from the letter by clicking the “X” in the details portion of the Dunning Letter window.

This customer originally had 4 invoices and I deleted 2 of them.  Hope this helps.  Let me know if you need more assistance.


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Hi @ericwolfe74 thanks you so much for your feedback.  That should work here too.

as per my requirement to add it to the AR3010PL, I took @iqraharrison48 suggestion and it worked. Thank you.




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