Vendor Consigned Inventory in Acumatica.


We are currently working with a client who wants to configure a vendor-consigned workflow in Acumatica using the out-of-the-box functionality. However, we have encountered a challenge in setting up the workflow due to the accounting treatment of consigned inventory usage. When the vendor's consigned stock is consumed in a production order, the system creates a Journal Entry that hits the Cost of Goods Sold account. But when we subsequently bill the vendor for the inventory used, the Accounts Payable bill also hits an expense account, resulting in a double recording of the cost. Any suggestions on how to manage such a scenario in Acumatica. 

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Hello, did you see the above similar post? 


@Laura02 Yes I saw that however, the issue I have is with double recording of cost in the scenario I mentioned in my original post. We can do a JE to adjust the account but I was wondering if anyone came across such an issue and how they are handling it.

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Yes, it seemed to me that previous poster said they recorded one of the cost transactions as $0. I am understanding the reason for the $0 first receipt is to avoid duplication of the cost.  Perhaps I misunderstood the post…


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