Unable to ship order - Order cannot be shipped in full.

  • 29 August 2023
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I am getting this error despite having the item in stock and availabe=le.

The upgrades is a non-stock item, the Install is a service item. The FGSO item is a stock item which shows as available, but we can’t include it on a shipment. The shipping rule is Ship Complete.

The FGSO item is the one blocking it but not sure why as the item is available and we are trying to create the shipment for today.

4 replies

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Hello @jwarren ,


What does the trace say?

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Also go line by line and make sure there is Available for shipping on all three line items. You can receive quantity as needed.

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Hi @jwarren,

Can you share the Inventory Allocation Details Inquiry screenshot for the FGSO item?

To access the stack trace, click on Tools and then Trace - there will be more information provided here about the error message that is being displayed and why it’s happening.


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@jwarren  Are these items are Marked for PO?


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