Transfer inventory between two warehouses using barcode scanner

  • 1 February 2024
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We are looking for a way to perform a simple 2-step transfer of inventory items between warehouses.  Ideally, in the originating warehouse we would scan the item barcode, enter the quantity and release the transfer.  In the receiving warehouse, the transfer in would be available for selection and the item is scanned and received.  Our items have default locations in each warehouse so we don’t want to scan the location…..the software should recognize the default location in each warehouse.  Is this possible out of the box?  We are exploring transfer orders in the Sales Order module as well but are not sure about them.  Thanks in advance for any guidance.


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3 replies

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Hi @brockinl I would try using a transfer (TR) sales order type. This article should get you started:

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The TR Sales Order type will technically work, but you mentioned easy, it’ll be a bit cumbersome. 

Without adding another location for staging for example, I’d add an in-transit, kind of like what Acumatica does in the back end for a 2-Step. 

Using an in-transit warehouse the receiving operator wouldn’t be able to select the transfer, they’d scan the items to put the away. If it’s similar to our situation, one person transfers a pallet to the other warehouse, then a different person puts it away in the second warehouse.  

Both people scan the inventory essentially checking each other.  At the end of the day or some period of time you would see if anything is left in that Warehouse through a storage lookup or PI Count. That would be the discrepancy between the two operators.  

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Hi @brockinl,

Currently via mobile app the 2-step Transfer is not “easy” applicable. Feel free and vote for the product idea ;)



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